two men with turbans talking outdoors

Who We Are

The Focus of Global Teams


To see the heart of Christ in the skin of every culture


Global Teams equips and sends field partners from many nations to multiply disciples of Jesus within cultures least familiar with the Gospel.

Movements to Christ

Movements to Christ, whether among Hindus, Buddhists, or others all begin in much the same way. Common to each are:

  • God’s call upon field partners to go
  • Courage to enter in
  • Patience to remain within
  • Openness to accept, embrace, and remain teachable
  • Lots of discernment, grace, and respect.                                                    

In such fertile soil the Holy Spirit opens hearts, minds, and spirits to believe Jesus. Movements emerge when someone from an unreached people group believes Jesus then shares with his family, friends, and neighbors. They do the same, until entire communities begin to follow Christ.

The new Christ-followers are supported by Global Teams as they begin Bible study and discipleship. Indigenous leaders are raised up, disciples are multiplied, and house churches are planted. These previously unreached people groups grow into the field partners who go to the next people groups.