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Discipleship Multiplication

Global Teams Movement Cycle. Pray. Engage. Identify. Discover. Gather. Multiply. Repeat.

THE MATH of the Kingdom is multiplication. No farmer expects to plant a seed to get back only one piece of fruit! In like manner, our mission is to multiply disciples of Jesus within the least reached; stated another way, to catalyze movements to Christ. We illustrate the process of movements in Global Teams through the Movement Cycle shown here. God is moving in our fields through different parts of this cycle but with the same exciting goal of seeing a harvest of thirty, sixty and a hundred-fold.

Multiplication beats addition. Would you rather have a church of a thousand that had 10% growth a year, or a church of twenty that doubled every year? Most would choose the thousand with the excellent 10% annual growth rate. Indeed after five years, that church would have 1,610 members while the second would have only 640. In year ten, however, the first congregation would have 2,600 people while the church of twenty would have 12,500. In year twenty, the first congregation would have 6,730 while the second would have ballooned to an astounding 20,972,000! This is the power of multiplication. Instead of adding new believers one at a time, Global Teams works to multiply disciples of Jesus among the least reached.