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Proximate Sending

PROXIMATE MEANS: closest in relationship, nearby. In the last one hundred years, the Spirit of God has moved powerfully so that today 80% of all believers are non-Western! This means that millions of Christ followers are in proximity to the least reached. GT equips and sends field partners who are close to the unreached in distance, in language and culture, and in socio-economic status. Therefore we have possibilities for sending that many others do not.

Proximate in Distance
several men look at a ferry boat

A Muslim background believer in Malawi crosses the lake to engage a group on the other side.

Proximate in Culture
a group of men and women sitting at a table with many dishes

The Karakalpak of Uzbekistan share a similar language and culture with the Nogai of South Russia.

PROXIMATE SENDING is also a great advantage when combined with distance sending. When our field partners from North and Latin America come alongside national field partners in Asia and Africa, everyone benefits. National field partners teach Americans about local customs and language, and they gain the training resources of an international organization.