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Trusting fully in God through Jesus Christ and learning to trust Him more, we commit to engage 40 new unreached places, populations and people groups by 2024.
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Global Teams is an international mission movement focused on reaching the 6,648 unreached people groups. Put another way, our desire is to reach the 2.9 billion people who have never heard the gospel. Following John 1:14: “The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us,” we ensure that church planting movements emerge in forms and expressions that fit the culture of that people group and enable the gospel to spread.

Church Planting Movements

The focus of Global Teams is on people groups who have not yet received the Gospel (unreached people groups.) As these groups gradually come to faith in Christ, new movements emerge.

Field Partner Care

Global Teams field partners serve in unique roles in often isolated and many times difficult or dangerous places around the world. Field Care is a high priority for Global Teams.


For some, it is hard to imagine a world where Scripture is absent, but for many people this is a reality. Where this is true, Global Teams is involved in translated the Word of God into the local language.

Business as Mission

Global Teams is invested in developing "business as mission." Doing business as mission enables field partners to reach a community at all levels, as employees and partners encounter the truth of Christ.

Community Development

In Scripture, we see Christ respond to the needs of those around him with compassion. Following his model, as Global Teams field partners go to the least-reached people groups, they are also moved to compassion and often respond with community development projects that become a part of their ongoing work.

Disaster Relief

As Global Teams field partners work all around the world, the areas they serve are sometimes hit by natural disaster. At these times, we become a part of the response to the disaster and offer any expertise we may have along with field workers and resources.
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