GAVADI of Karnataka

representative photo of Indian woman in yellow sari by Shrinivaskulkarni1388, CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons
  • POPULATION: 32,000
  • LANGUAGE: Kannada
  • PROGRESS: 0.08% Christian; Evangelical unknown

Many Gavadi cultivate land that they own. Their main occupations are agricultural work and cattle herding. Educated Gavadi aka Gauda are employed in professions like medicine, law, engineering, computer science, and politics. Of the 2.5 million Gauda/Gavadi, 10,000 live in Karnataka.

Prayer Request:

From Joshua Project: “

Pray that Gauda leaders will love Jesus Christ and lead the other Gauda to live in ways that please him.”

map showing concentration of Gavadi people in Karnataka India

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