Day Five: The Segeju of Tanzania

Photo of Sigi River by Halitz, CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons
  • POPULATION: 21,000
  • LANGUAGE: Segeju
  • PROGRESS: 0.03% Christian; 0.02% Evangelical
  • BIBLE TRANSLATION: Unspecified

The Segeju have a communal society and raise coconuts, cassava, rice, and other fruit and vegetables, although younger members of the group have traded agriculture for city life in Mombasa. They are Sunni Muslim but hold to some pre-Islamic beliefs.

Prayer Request:

Pray that as the Segeju fast and pray this month, God will give them dreams and visions and an openness to hearing about Jesus. Pray for boldness and protection for workers who engage with them. Pray for a movement to Christ in this group.

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