Day 17: Swahili Muslims in DRC, Burundi and Rwanda

Photo of woman in black hijab by Luciano Rizzello on Unsplash
  • Population: 57,000 in the Democratic Republic of Congo; 14,000 in Burundi; 6,500 in Rwanda
  • Language: Swahili
  • Religious Background: Islam
  • In DRC: 4% Followers of Jesus (1% Evangelical). In Burundi and Rwanda: 0% Followers of Jesus
  • Bible Translation: Complete

The word “Swahili” came from the Arabic word for coast, and the language is spoken through much of East Africa. The Swahili Muslims of DRC, Rwanda and Burundi are economically well off by African standards. Although being Muslim is engrained into their identity, the Swahili Muslims in these countries hold to some of their pre-Islamic animistic beliefs.

Prayer Request:

Pray that their hearts would be open to hearing about Jesus, and pray for movements to Christ among this group.

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