Day Ten: Ndengereko of Tanzania

Photo of sunrise on the Rufiji River by Panii, CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons
  • Population: 90,000
  • Language: Ndengereko
  • Religious Background: Islam
  • 2% Followers of Jesus; 0.7% Evangelical
  • Bible Translation: Unspecified

The Ndengereko live in the coastal area south of Dar Es Salaam and make their living farming, as small business owners or as guides for national parks. The few Ndengereko Christians face persecution.

Prayer Request:

Pray that Ndengereko Followers of Christ will remain strong and will have boldness to share. Pray for a movement to Christ among this people group. Pray that they will have access to scripture.

map showing the location of the Ndengereko in Tanzania, south of Dar es Salaam

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