Business as Mission

Global Teams has invested time, talent and treasure to develop a quality process and structure for doing "business as mission." We call these "business as mission" endeavors Kingdom Ventures (KV). These Ventures reach a community at all levels as employees and partners encounter the truth of Christ.

Christ-likeness is modeled in the workplace while the business sustains Global Teams missions and Movements to Christ. Due to our focus on unreached people groups, there are religious restrictions in many of the nations where we work.

Kingdom Ventures open a door, provide a platform and enable the spread of the Gospel in these nations.

One Kingdom Ventures project, Mission Java, has the potential to train and equip mission teams as coffee buyers and sales personnel. Considering that 70% of all unreached people groups are located within the world's coffee-producing countries, this single venture opens doors to even more of the world's 9,000 groups who have not yet been reached with the Gospel.