Become a Long-Term Field Partner With Global Teams

Global Teams recruits, equips and sends three types of missionaries:


Missionaries going to new and unreached areas.


Missionaries working with existing churches and organizations throughout the world to mobilize the church for reaching the unreached.

Member Care


Missionaries who serve in their own right, but also help to care for, mentor, and support other missionaries.

The selection process includes four stages:

1. Inquirer
  • Request an Inquirer's Form and return it.
  • Phone interview with Global Teams personnel to discuss next steps.
  • Basic readings in mission as suggested by Global Teams leadership.
2. Applicant
  • If the individual is married, both the spouse and the individual must fill out the application.
  • In addition to the application, five reference letters, a medical form, a church leadership recommendation form, Forté Personality Profile and Spiritual Gifts Survey must be completed and submitted.
  • Formal interview with Global Teams Leadership.
  • Two week Horizons Conference for basic training and orientation.
  • Placement and Appointment Letter from Global Teams leadership.
3. Appointee
  • Budget developed and approved and partner development training. (All Global Teams missionaries raise their own support.)
  • Full medical examination and psychological evaluation.
  • Participation in our training, called Catalyst. At the discretion of the missionary’s Team Leader or Area Director, this may be taken in residence or online and may be taken all at once or in sections.
4. Missionary
  • A missionary is an appointee who, upon completion of training and deputation, has been commissioned at a service, preferably in his/her home church, has signed the Global Teams Overseas Agreement and is prepared to travel to the designated country of service.

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