From Many Nations

Global Teams field partners are trained and sent from 35 bases all around the world. Training, equipping, accountability, encouragement, support and administration take place at these bases. Each one is uniquely positioned to understand and meet the needs of the field partner in relation to their home culture and language.


Bryson, Area Director

We have 18 sending bases in 8 countries in Africa. These bases are sending out nearly 500 field partners to people groups who have yet to hear the Gospel.

Our ministries include working directly among the unreached, teaching the Great Comission, seeking cross-cultural-missionaries, caring for other  missionaries, and networking with Africans to equip and enable them to live out their call. Most serve in multiple capacatites but their primary ministries/platforms include: literacy and evangelism, theological education, women's ministries, orphanage administration, program coordination, and pastoral ministry.


Michael, Area Director

We have 9 sending bases in 9 countries in Asia. These bases are sending out 25 field partners. These bases are also the site of our largest people movements to Jesus in the world.

Asia is an area that gives ample scope for the full range of Global Teams' vision and mission. We are actively involved in Pioneer and Mobilization efforts, and continuing to develop and expand our Partner Care ministry in this region. Global Teams’ Business as Mission program, Kingdom Ventures, has opened the door for outreach to local people.


Max Abrahamsson, Area Director

Our newest base currently has field partners in Russia and in Central Asia.

North America

Sheryl Shaw, Area Director

Our North America base sends out 27 field partners. Global Teams works in North America in many ways. We mobilize and train field partners that we send out to other nations and we have a number of field partners focused on ministry to the unreached areas of North America as well.

Latin America

Global Teams has conducted training and recruitment efforts in Latin America and is partnering with several leaders to build a “bridge” for Latin Americans to reach the world with the Gospel. In keeping with Global Teams’ vision of raising up field partners from many nations to go to the nations, we have been actively involved in recruiting, training, and sending out field partners from Latin America.