Praying for a Field Partner

Prayer can be said to “tip the scales” in the Kingdom of God and the advance of the Gospel. Global Teams holds prayer to be so vital that we require new missionaries (or Field Partners as we call them) to have a minimum of TEN daily intercessory prayer partners before they are allowed to leave for the field.

Here is a way to pray meaningfully for your field partners every day, even when you don't have new requests. By following this simple plan you can stay alert and keep from falling into a rut, ready for God to use you as you pray.

Remember, it really does make a difference whether you pray or not. God wants more than just the field partners' own prayers. Even Paul the Apostle was helped because of the prayers of many. (2 Cor. 1:11).

So keep at it. God will enrich your own life and accomplish great things in answer to your prayers.


Pray that God would make His Word fresh to your field partner every day. That He would draw them to prayer and meet them in a special way. Ask the Lord to help them live and serve in the power of the Holy Spirit, not in their own strength. Pray that they will recognize their own sins and improper attitudes and confess these to God. They are involved in heavy spiritual warfare. Ask God to help them use the weapons He provides. They need continually to renew their vision for the work.


Pray that your field partner will have the wisdom and emotional strength to do their work well. Ask the Lord to help them come up with creative ways to meet the challenges of their ministry. They are living and working in a foreign language and culture. Ask God to grant them patience with themselves and others, also for a good sense of humor to laugh with others at their mistakes, yet to learn from them.


Pray for loving, supportive family relationships: husband-wife, parent-child, siblings. Ask God to give them warm, happy experiences. Pray that hardships will pull them together. Pray that single people would find rewarding friendships and contentment. As your field partners serve in cross-cultural ministry, ask God to give them a deep and genuine love for people and wisdom to know how to express it.


Pray that administrators, within the mission organization, as well as in the country of ministry, will make good decisions, provide wise counsel and be encouraging. Pray for unity and spiritual vitality in the organization. The field personnel depend on colleagues who serve in the "home office." They are a vital part of the whole team but their work is often difficult because people do not view them as doing "real" mission work. Ask God to meet their needs. Pray that all field partners, wherever they serve, will have a servant attitude towards fellow workers and the local people.


Intercede for good health and for wise decisions concerning treatment of health problems. Pray for safety in travel and all areas of everyday life. Ask God to protect them. Pray that computers and other equipment will function well. Some field partners have financial needs that add stress to their work load. Pray for adequate prayer and financial support.


Field partners could not serve without faithful friends and churches at home praying for them and providing necessary funds. Ask God to bless these important partners and to give them great satisfaction and joy in their role. Pray for strong bonds and mutually helpful relationships between field partners and the home team during field time and furloughs. Pray for great understanding of each others roles in the mission task.


Pray that God would prepare the people to receive His Word. Ask Him to raise up spiritual leaders from among local believers. Pray that new believers will feel responsible to reach out to family, friends, community, and beyond. Ask the Lord for a deep moving of the Holy Spirit in every community. And do not forget to pray that God's Good News will reach those who have yet to hear.

Adapted from "Prayer Tools for Far Away Friends" by Wycliffe Bible Translators. Used with permission.