Field Partners

Global Teams has hundreds of field partners serving in unique roles in sometimes isolated and often difficult situations. A number of our field partners are not included on this list for their safety.

Our Field Partners, who are from many nations, are sent from training bases around the world to live and work among unreached people groups. A people group is a group of people with common customs, rules and practices that help define who they are. An unreached people group is one where less than 2% of the population is Christian.

Our field partners live and work in an unreached people group while they learn language and culture. They come from all walks of life, and are carrying out their work through a variety of ways. From translation projects, to small business owners, to educators, and even building wells, our field partners are making a difference in their communities, showing the love of Christ to their neighbors.

Knowing that God is calling these people to Him, they pray and look for where God is already at work and then join in that work to share the Gospel.

While every Field Partner works cross-culturally, some work with unreached people groups that are nearby and some work with groups that are in other countries.

Due to security risks, we cannot list every field partner’s location, however, if you would like to give to a specific partner, feel free to click HERE

The list of field partners is being updated and will be posted in February 2023.