Jesus in The Quran

Did you know that there are more than 50 references to Jesus in the Qur'an? This fact helps create a common point of reference that allows you to begin a conversation with your Muslim friends.

In Acts 17 we see Paul creating common ground with pagan Greeks who valued the writings of philosophers and poets. He does this by referring to their texts favorably in order to support the points he is trying to make about God's work in the world and the need for a Judge and Savior.

Why Talk About "Jesus in the Qur’an?"

In Global Teams, we take a similar approach as we try to share the Gospel with Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhists.

In the case of Muslims, this means that we search for what the Qur'an says about Jesus. Where we find true things about Him, we use them to help prepare our friends to hear more and to establish common ground.

Although not all of the more than 50 references to Jesus will be verses that Christians will want to use, many declare wonderful things about Jesus.

Among the better known references are statements like: Jesus is God's Word, He is the Spirit, He is Good News, He is the Messiah, He raises the dead and heals, He can produce food miraculously, and more.

Using such references as a bridge, along with loving relationships and dependence upon the leading of the Holy Spirit, can prove to be a powerful and effective way for God to reveal truths about Jesus to our Muslim friends.