Invite Us to Speak at Your Church

Here is just some of the powerful help we can offer your church or organization:

Missionary Visits

One of the best and most tangible ways for a church to become involved in mission is through building a relationship with a “real, live field partner” Stories from the front lines, pictures, and the ability to put a face to global mission can bring new fire to a church

Contact Global Teams and let us help you begin a relationship with a missionary that will make a difference in your church.

Conferences and Seminars


  • Is your church already mission minded, but you feel there is still room for improvement and ‘focus?’
  • Would you like your church’s mission to the world to have more involvement from your membership?
  • Is your church just beginning the process of getting involved in missions?
  • Our would you simply like to see your church more alive in Christ?

The His World, His Way Conferences are designed to fit into a weekend or Sunday morning format to help enable your church leadership and members focus your involvement in mission in more meaningful ways.

Customized Seminars

Global Teams has seminars available for various mission-related topics, upon request.  Please contact our International Headquarters for more information: 407-388-0855.

Outreach Partnerships

Is your church increasingly aware of the “nations” moving into your neighborhoods and workplaces? Are your members WANTING to reach out to their co-workers and neighbors who are from other cultures, but just are not sure how or where to begin?

Global Teams is making available to local churches the same proven process of mission and outreach that we use to mentor our own Pioneer Church Planting Teams in international settings.

Contact Global Teams to learn how a team from your church can receive expert coaching to reach out in effective cross-cultural evangelism.

What people are saying about Global Teams visits...

"A positive, enthusiastic response and a feeling of awe about the missionary's experiences and how she is using them to further her work for the Lord Jesus." Church of the Atonement, Westfield, MA

"We learned geography and information about the life of other world cultures - as well as our mission as Christians." St. David's, Castleton, NY

"Last year, the International Director of Global Teams taught and preached at St John's, and led a Men's retreat. In each instance, he was very well received as he planted seeds of world evangelism. I strongly recommend Global Teams as a resource to you." Rev Daniel R. Williamson, St John's, Sacramento, CA