Standing still is not our style...

April 30th, 2021 by Global Teams

by Joel y Paty, Global Teams Latin America field partners

Part One: Covid made it to the Cienega.

empty chairs in the new church buildingThis morning we had to cancel church. Unfortunately this virus started walking in the streets of Cienega and some surroundings.

We couldn't help it, seeing two Tarahumaras sisters shed tears because we told them we had to cancel, our hearts hurt.

You know what? You are privileged to be in a place where even if you can not go to church you can watch the transmission from your home. They, our Tarahumaras brothers do not have that possibility, some communities here do not have electric light, neither have TV, minus a cell phone, so if your church is doing live streams congregate from your house, because there are those who do not have the same blessing as you, there are those who cry because your church had to close, there are those hungry and know Jesus suffer because the doors of the Church they had to close.

The temple is closed due to a virus but the church of Christ is open. We feel privileged because God has given us a church so beautiful that cries for not being able to worship your God, but nothing stops us and we will surely find ways to keep spreading his word.

Nobody stops us because we #SomosLosDelCamino.

We ask you to pray for them, and because God gives us the strategy and wisdom to keep spreading the word of God.

 Part Two: The temple is closed but the church is open.

Whoever knows us knows that standing still is not our style.

We know that God sent us to this place to make known the good ones of Salvation, and we knew there were going to be obstacles, and we do not want to stop, many offer economic support others time praying for us and Jesus gave His life for us and for them, our Tarahumaras brothers, then we have more for than against.

We believe difficulties are the opportunities to let the creative God do something, it's the time God's children do something, so no we couldn't get locked up.

Yesterday after breaking the news to the brothers we returned home, my husband sang a little bit and read a Psalm, my mom prayed for us, but we lacked something, we lacked our Tarahumaras brothers, it was so immediately we made a plan, we came out to buy a horn. The idea is that if they can not come to worship, the worship will go to them, we will visit the communities where the brothers come and we will worship the outdoors, with the necessary distance, without greeting us with mask use and antibacterial gel, pray together and we will praise God.

 Today we go out to Kuechi to warn and on Wednesday at 10:00 we will have our first worship, with a horn, whoever takes away and those around listen and also meet Jesus. I wish you had seen the brothers joyful faces upon knowing that we will keep meeting.

#SomosLosDelCamino and those on the road took to the streets to preach, those on the road go through the streets and nothing stops them, not because they are strong or powerful but because our God is a God of power.

Keep praying for us, keep praying for this community and that they know more about the hope of salvation.


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