Your Thoughts Are Where Your Actions Begin

September 18th, 2020 by Global Teams

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Is the lingering of COVID-19 keeping you from peace? Is it the pandemic or the trickle down of events that has captured your thoughts and has you stuck? Your thoughts matter and your thoughts are where your actions begin…even without a plan. Be encouraged! God has the power and he can move suddenly.

Recently one of our field partner families shared how discouraged they were. Even to the point of considering leaving the mission field and how the Lord miraculously showed up in multiple ways. Please read their story and experience the joy and peace that comes when each of us simply leans into the Lord for His leading.

As crazy as 2020 has been, and as perplexed as we have been feeling, we have witnessed the Lord open many doors to share the Gospel. We’ve had no strategic plan other than to show up somewhere, talk about Jesus with people, and pray it leads to more conversations. Now it feels like we have had more conversations about Christ with people in the last four months, than we have had in four years! Several of those conversations have turned into discovery Bible studies with individuals as well as with families. It has been a great privilege to see God at work as we continue to step forward in faith.

First, we were able to help an Indian family who had a tree fall on their home. As work progressed, we brought up Jesus and told them we were followers and that He is the reason why we were helping them. Before long we were able to bring in another believer to interpret as needed as we prayed with the family and began to study stories from the Bible. We also contacted a pastor from their people group from a nearby church. He met with the family, and they will now be attending his fellowship!

Second, our Chinese friend, Ms. B. whom we met when we initially moved to this country prayed for God to forgive her sins at our last meeting. Hallelujah! She is truly kind and helpful, and even showed us some places around our new city. Three and a half years of visits, dinners, discussions and sharing Christ later, she has agreed to join us and another couple for Bible study. So far, she is very engaged in the scriptures and enjoys our format.

Third, we helped a woman with some basic needs as her house had burned to the ground. We were able to pray with her and discuss Jesus. She too is now attending a Bible study with us, along with a woman from her home country to assist with language. Thanks be to God.

Fourth, another woman that my wife and her friend met while walking has been to our house several times and has also began doing Bible study with us. She is actively engaged in the studies, but it has been difficult for her to meet consistently. Please pray for her.

Finally, we have had several dinners and discussions with a couple from a neighboring country that shares the dominant faith and language here. They have been very hospitable and are open to listen and discuss stories from scripture. They were all ears and even helped us with language as I shared my story of why I believe in Jesus. May all that we do be for His glory.

There is no impact without contact. At times it may seem hard to set our minds on Him, yet it is possible What a relief to know that power belongs to Him, not us. It is a blessing to have the freedom to advocate for our Lord Jesus Christ. And it is a blessing to play such a vital role that is making an eternal impact in someone’s life as our Father calls them, and He opens doors so that we might declare His glory. Begin now…study His Word and He will bring you peace.

My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth. Psalm 121:2

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