The path has been cleared!

September 5th, 2020 by Global Teams

In rural, southeast Kenya, a GT group of believers from a primarily Muslim people group has planned a farming project designed to minister to a neighboring people group. Their plan is  to clear and plow the land, purchase and plant cassava, and raise poultry and goats.

Although the Lord provided money through  GT donors for the project, the local leaders would not allow it to proceed forward.  Then, a Muslim villager agreed to sell a plot of land to the group, yet  opposition continued for several months. Praise God, permission for the sale of the land was granted and finalized last week!

The farm will stand as a ministry platform as well as supply needed commodities to the area. Bryson Samboja, GT Africa Director, said, “The spreading of the gospel starts in a small way, like a seed, especially among Muslims. The produce from the land will provide resources that will enable ministry without many hindrances.”

“Though the man who sold us the land is not a Christian the Lord made a path for us to own our own piece of land.  We have been praying continually for this farming project and now we have all reasons to praise and thank God for His miraculous provision.”

At the moment our field partner is the only Christian in his family with minimal income and resources. Once the farming project is operating, our field partner will become self-supporting while spreading the Gospel to those with least access. Please join us praying for him and celebrating God’s answer to our prayers.

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