Day Five: Wahhabism

April 28th, 2020 by Global Teams

Saudi Arabian woman with Burqa taking photo from Mosque of Mohammad al Mahruq – Nishapur by Sonia Sevilla, CC0, 2013.

This ultra-conservative form of Islam is the religion of state in Saudi Arabia.

    • Pray that God will speak to Wahhabi Muslims through dreams and visions.
    • Pray for Muslims who live unwillingly under this extreme form of Islam.
    • Pray for safety for secret Muslim background believers in areas where Wahhabism is dominant.

Today’s prayer comes from Lovefast:
“Father, thank you for your authority in the spiritual realm and that you are at work at the heart of human movements and ideology, such as Wahabbism. We recognize your loving interest in the most strident of religionists and ask you to intervene in the hearts and minds of the most prominent Sheikhs, Mullahs, Imams and speakers. Do among them, what you did for Saul of Tarsus we pray. In Jesus’ name we pray.”

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