30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World starts today!

April 24th, 2020 by Global Teams

God has been at work in the Muslim world in an unprecedented way. Since the year 2000, dozens of known movements to Jesus have emerged in Muslim people groups. This shift took place closely on the heels of a global commitment to prayer for Muslims and is gaining attention throughout the Christian world.

Global Teams is part of a network of ministries focused on reaching Muslims. Partnership is key and we are asking you to partner in prayer with us April 24 – May 23, which coincides with Ramadan.

Here are some resources that can serve as a guide as you learn about and pray for Muslims:

World Christian publishes prayer guides for adults and children, which are available for purchase at https://www.30daysprayer.com

Open Doors offers a free downloadable prayer guide: https://www.opendoorsusa.org/resource-pages/pray-for-muslim-world-during-ramadan/

Lovefast is a prayer initiative organized by the Mahabba network. Sign up for email updates at https://www.mahabbanetwork.com/lovefast

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