Caring for Others

April 17th, 2020 by Global Teams

As team members across the globe gathered on April 1st via Skype to pray together, we were reminded that while on earth Jesus focused His efforts on doing four things – teaching, healing, serving, and sitting still to pray.

Yes, our routines have been changed with new challenges daily. Yet, the Lord has provided us an amazing opportunity to share His love with those in our communities and to pray, pray, pray. While we cannot open our homes, we can open our hearts to serve in creative ways that will care for others.

Blessed with more time in my home I’m utilizing the outside of my home to care for others. Schools are closed so I’ve advised neighbors that my ‘Science Lab’ is open for teaching. In reality, I planted fruits, vegetables, herbs, and, of course, flowers that children can track the growth of; and in the months to come, harvest. Photos have been taken, all are clearly marked, and a yard stick nearby, so students along with parents can determine age appropriate lesson plans.

With the typical school day beginning with the Pledge of Allegiance, siblings of various ages on their morning walk are stopping on the sidewalk, with hands on hearts, to recite it together. The smiles on their faces absolutely put a smile on mine as I look out my window and lift them in prayer.

I do not have the healing hands of God, but I can help those in the healthcare profession by sewing masks that will stand up to sterilization and protect them while providing a little cheer with the use of whimsical fabrics or those with scripture verses. First, I found a hospital that would accept homemade masks and provide specifics of their needs. Next, I pulled out my sewing supplies to make as many as I can evenings and weekends. The nurses are especially loving them and feel blessed to have masks with God’s Word on them. Please pray for those who are putting themselves in harms way to care for others.

During this time of crisis will you use this opportunity to care for others by serving in ways that will not put others at risk? Will you join us by sitting still to listen to the Lord’s guiding and to pray for those the Lord places on your heart?

May the grace and peace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit.

Here to serve,

Pamela Baxter
Advancement Director

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