The Christmas Stable

December 20th, 2019 by Global Teams

We are probably all familiar with the Christmas story of Jesus’ birth. On that history changing night, there was no room in the inn, so the King of Glory – The Word became flesh – was born in a humble stable, presumably sharing His first night with barn animals. The humility of that act still boggles the mind and crushes the proud heart.

Fatima was born into a Muslim family and was loved by her father. But when a young man from the village raped her to claim her as his own, her father disowned her, declaring that she was now the bride of this abusive man. The pain of that event, even more of that betrayal, steeled her heart to iron-willed bitterness against the men who had so mistreated her. But when the result of that defiling event resulted in a pregnancy, Fatima felt she had no choice but to marry the man.

While traveling in a nearby country with her daughter in hopes of earning some extra income so she could leave her abusive husband, she met the most joyful, peace filled people she had ever encountered. They were followers of the Messiah Jesus. After spending two weeks listening to their stories of a God who loved her so much to give His son for her sins, she surrendered her bitter will to the kindness of a Heavenly Father’s redemption. And her life was forever changed.

The Christmas stable birth occurs daily. The Lord Jesus still enters filthy, lowly stables to be born again. These are stables of the broken, sin defiled hearts of men and women. And it seems the more lowly the station, the more delighted the Holy Spirit is to bring new life.

Because she was born again and the Bethlehem Savior lives within her, Fatima has experienced newness of life. She has married a man of God and has two additional beautiful sons. She also faithfully ministers this New Life to her Muslim family and neighbors, calling them to invite the humble saving Jesus to dwell in their stable hearts.

Christmas happens over and over, every day.

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