We're thankful for… disaster relief.

November 27th, 2019 by Global Teams

River in Bangladesh. Photo by Md Efthakhar UI Alam, Unsplash.

With your help, we were able to assist partners on the ground in Bangladesh respond to a serious flooding crisis earlier this year. We purchased clean water and oral saline packets, which provided life-giving aid to both Muslims and believers.

Local Global Teams leaders planned and organized a seed distribution program. Bangladeshi believers donated money for the purchase of the seeds and then distributed the seeds to 27,090 families throughout nine districts. Each family received seeds for green and red leafy vegetables, long and green beans, tomatoes, cucumbers and flat beans. One GT leader relayed, “It was not easy for them, but they were bold and strong in their commitment.”

He added, “Please continue to pray for the movement and its leaders. They should be able to keep their zeal and boldness and dedication for the Kingdom. I am hoping and praying to experience unexpected explosion in the growth in the movement. God will open new doors, we should be able to send workers to new areas and new fields.”

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