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November 27th, 2019 by Global Teams

Two of Azakambe’s employees with their product

Numerous business ventures have been initiated and sustained by Global Teams country coordinators and field partners. In addition to empowering the individuals who are employed, these small businesses help ministries to be self-sustaining. Additionally, in areas with religious restrictions, a Business as Mission enterprise can open a door for the Gospel.

Field Partner Luke Ulrich describes Azakambe, the Global Teams sausage business in Malawi. “We were unsure if the business was even going to get off the ground, but these ladies persisted and continued to learn. Now they are selling over 100 packages of sausages a month. Just recently they added meatballs to the business and will soon add other meat products as well. We are excited to say that they have started paying back their loans. As the business continues to grow, they are in need of additional staff. Please continue to pray for the right individuals to join our ministries. We are very thankful for the blessings this ministry has brought to the community. We are continuing to trust that God will grow the business into exactly what he wants it to be.”

In India, Adalid, a Global Teams Kingdom Ventures (Business as Mission) project, provides village women with tailoring work. Gary W. relays, “Adalid has developed new products, with profits used to minister to women in the local community. Through a marketing partnership with a South American colleague, they have expanded their client base overseas. Plans are to significantly expand the number and variety of items available for purchase. With an import/export license already in place, Adalid is well-positioned for future growth. In the meantime, in spite of slow sales, the tailoring team remains intact, continuing to create product inventory and to carry on outreach activities with village women.”

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