We're thankful for… planted seeds and planted churches!

November 27th, 2019 by Global Teams

  • In a Muslim area of Kenya: “We had prayed God in one of our planted churches to add the number of converts and God heard our prayers and brought seven Muslim men during our door to door evangelism.”
  • In Mainland Southeast Asia: This January, GT will be training Khmer and Kuho leaders so they can plant churches in their area and abroad.
  • In the Middle East: Groups are meeting secretly; numbers are growing but not available.
  • In the Himalayas: Our field partners, Peter and Sylvia, reported: “We spent two days in a mountain-top home of high-caste Brahmin family, and we were allowed to pray not only for the family, but also for a very sick stroke victim. Seeds of His love were planted! They even asked us to return.”
  • In Southeast Asia: Last week, field partners had spontaneous theology discussions with Muslim friends over an early Thanksgiving dinner!
  • In South Mexico: GT has planted churches which are sending field partners to the Kurds and other groups in the Middle East and Asia.

“Disciples that make disciples, churches that plant churches, these are the building blocks of reproducing movements to Christ and essential to our work at Global Teams. These movements are grounded in extraordinary prayer. They begin when ordinary people, following the leading of the Holy Spirit, go to live among those who have not had access to the Gospel. Instead of just going in and starting, they take the time to learn language and culture as they look to see where God is already at work in that people group. They go slow at first in order to go faster later. Whole families or groups are engaged, not just the individuals, and discipleship begins even before they are believers. The study of Scripture is introduced and as people come to believe, it is through the careful study of God’s Word that they learn what it means to follow Christ in their culture. Every single person is encouraged to continue sharing all that they are learning with everyone they can all the time. Groups naturally form along social and family structures and they begin to multiply rapidly. The leadership of these groups comes from within, and in turn, they want to send to other people groups who still have not heard. So, each movement to Christ starts another that starts another that starts another.” Sheryl Shaw, North America Director

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