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November 27th, 2019 by Global Teams

“He had been wishing for this kind of Bible for the Muslim reader since he came to faith many years ago, and now the dream has come true.”

Our GT translator shared the reaction of *William, a Muslim Background Believer in South Asia to the newly printed Volume One of the New Testament in his native language, *Ducho, one of many languages spoken in that region. “Altogether, the original text, word-for-word translation and interpretation with notes presents the Scripture in an authentic, transparent, pleasing and acceptable way for our readers.”

Our team is also editing audio scripts of their Old Testament / Gospels abridgement. Audio is a highly effective tool for those who cannot read. Our translator reported, “I just finished editing the Story of Joseph tonight—one which has proven particularly moving for Muslims, as it comprises perhaps the richest narrative in its Quranic version—and I can hear how moved the voiceover actor himself was as he read the account… especially Joseph’s reunion with his brothers. We pray that this kind of reconciliation and redemption will characterize the growing network of home groups as they gather around this holy book.”

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*Names changed.


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