A new open door in Asia

September 19th, 2019 by Global Teams

This is an update to a story from the May 2019 International Update,  “15 Minutes to Change the World”,

Several months ago, Global Teams’ Asia Director identified an unreached people group in a country in that had previously been closed to the gospel. After praying for access to the group, he met three believers in this country who introduced him to a small, core group of believers from this people group. Despite persecution, they wanted to reach others within their group with the message of Christ. They had been praying for someone to equip and strengthen them for this mission.

Last month, Global Teams held a three-day retreat with this very group! After spending time together we discovered that we share a common mission and calling and will be able to work together. Global Teams already has a few field partners in this country, and we are making plans to hold a mission training specifically for believers from this ethnic group early next year. We will invite more believers to the training, and Global Teams will select and commission leaders from this group to plant churches throughout the region.

  • Pray for the leaders among this group who want to plant churches among their people.
  • Pray that people in this group will be receptive to the gospel.
  • Pray for our Asia Director and for Global Teams leaders already working in this country.

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