August 30th, 2019 by Global Teams

The Circle of Silence is an area in the central part of Mexico that has very few people with a direct relationship with Jesus. Global Teams workers in Mexico have been ministering in the state of Aguascalientes which is a very economically depressed area. Many of the husbands in this area are absent from their families because they are working in the United States. This contributes to marital problems and many other family problems, problems which bring emotional and spiritual pain to the affected women and children. Their ability to experience God’s love can be impeded by their difficult life experiences. The most pressing needs in this area are for additional workers to bring the Good News about Jesus to the people, and for pastors, Christian counselors and Christian social workers. Help is needed in Aguascalienties to bring God’s solutions to the problems of under-employment, all types of violence, addictions, marital infidelities, teen pregnancies, hunger, and government corruption.

Maria is a woman who grew up in this area. She has two daughters. At a very young age she went to live with her boyfriend (a very common occurrence here.) She suffered a lot of abuse and drank a lot of alcohol to forget her sorrows. Her husband cheated on her with another woman, and when she found out, she went to fight with the other woman and hurt the woman’s eye. She had grown up in a very aggressive environment, and she was very violent and rude. One day she met the love of Jesus through a Radio Program broadcast by Project “Centro de México.” This program dealt with family issues and presented the Message of Salvation. During this radio broadcast Maria heard from God. Following this she attended an Evangelistic breakfast event, and there she accepted Jesus. Her life changed completely. Maria clung tightly to Christ and has moved forward in her faith beginning with water baptism. God has completely transformed her life. She apologized to the girl whose eye she hurt. And this action was part of the fruit of her repentance.

Today Maria is content. She is blessed and full of the presence of God. Now she is a blessing to her family, and this is a testimony to the change that Jesus can make in the lives of people who approach Him. She lends the use of her house for church meetings. Her economic situation also improved completely since she accepted Jesus. Her house was made of adobe and sheets; now it is made of cement and very large. God has richly blessed her, and she has been very generous to others and faithful to God.

As you can see, these are mostly women and children. We are at the 1-year church anniversary celebration in Maria’s garage. Victoria is standing alongside Mayra (striped blouse), the missionary who served there for 6 1/2 years with her husband, Joel. We were there to offer counseling to the women and to encourage the one pastor (from Chiapas) who is based there.

Pray for the care and discipleship for the new followers of Jesus; additional workers to bring the good news about Jesus; and for a spiritual revival.

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