Dreams Realized: New Land Purchase!

August 23rd, 2019 by Global Teams

Nicholasi and Peris, friends of Global Teams, visiting Emmanuel Junior Academy, and Lawrence, the young son of one of the teachers

Nicholasi and Peris are just two of the many people who have been fervently praying for Global Teams and Emmanuel Junior Academy in Kenya. Bryson Samboja, Global Teams Africa Director had shared with them the dream of expanding this Christian school, which is in a Muslim-majority area in Kenya and establishing a boarding school for boys… and what a “hustle” it had been to raise the money, find the land, and navigate the legal process. Nicholasi and Peris – along with many others – resolved to fervently pray over the land purchase and the school. Their prayers were answered recently when the money was raised just in time to buy a 5 ½ acre plot in the right location. The sale was finalized this month.

We’ll post more about the expansion of Emmanuel Junior Academy as construction begins in the future.

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