Latin America Face to Face Meeting – Part Two

August 6th, 2019 by Global Teams

“What does it mean to be in Global Teams?” This is what Curtis Chanda, Global Teams International Director, asked each of the country coordinators who was able to attend our recent Global Teams Latin America Face to Face meeting held in Central Mexico. “How does Global Teams different from other mission organizations?” Of course, the answers were as varied as the countries from which our country coordinators traveled.

Paty, who leads our base in South Mexico, answered, “I think something that’s unique that we’re doing is we are visiting the jungle churches that support our field partners in the Middle East.” Indigenous believers living in mountainous rainforest areas hours away from San Cristobal have been financially supporting GT partners in the Middle East, and the South Mexico team travels – with translators – to visit them in person.

The South Mexico team travels to remote villages to visit friends of Global Teams who are financially supporting field partners in the Middle East.

Benjamin, Chile Country Coordinator, spoke of how large his mobilization team is. Although GT Chile has two bases, in San Pedro and Santiago, there are individuals hundreds of miles to the south, in Temuco and in Patagonia, who are preparing for the mission field through training, discipleship and fund raising.

Some of these young Chileans have been called to minister to unreached people groups with Global Teams! GT Chile held Horizons training in San Pedro, Santiago and Temuco, Chile

“We provide support to our Business as Mission Partners,” said Jorge, Costa Rica Coordinator. The Costa Rica base provides partner care and psychological evaluations not only to team members but to the company providing coffee for a Business as Mission venture.

Hector, the current Central Mexico Coordinator, is handing leadership of the base to Joel, who spoke of the support he has received from Hector, the current coordinator. “Hector was the first person that really said to me, `I believe in you.” Joel also appreciated guidance from scripture and the support of his church as he and his wife transition from pastoring a church to leading GT Central Mexico.

Bolivia is Global Teams’ Latin America’s newest base. Angel, Bolivia Coordinator, spoke about the passion that his field partners have for reaching the unreached in Eurasia. Two field partners have spent three years in the Middle East and plan to return, and another field partner just returned from South Asia and – with support from churches in Bolivia and Brazil — plans to return soon. Angel reported that two newcomers to GT have been called to Russia and another field partner, who has been planting churches in Argentina, has been called to work with Muslims in Europe.

Giovanny, Global Teams Honduras Coordinator was unable to attend this event. Please keep him and his teammates – including Carlos and Anita – in your prayers as they serve people in their country during a tumultuous period.

Since Global Teams Latin America covers such a huge area — the Central Mexico base is 5,000 miles from the Santiago, Chile base — getting the team together for a Face to Face meeting to share news, strategize, and study the Word, was an invaluable opportunity!

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