Prayer Focus: Offering Hospitality

June 17th, 2019 by Global Teams

Today’s 30 Days of Prayer devotional is about showing hospitality:

Gathered on the floor, around a tray full of lamb, dates with cream, vegetables, and bread, sat an array of unlikely people. We had all come together for a celebration of divine Love revealed. The guests were a mix of local people who knew the Love being celebrated and others, including some friends from other nations. Three different languages were used around the table as everyone was welcomed. The host explained, “Because this feast is so important to us we wanted you, our friends, to join us in the festivities.” He went on to share the story that gives the “Love with Us” celebration its significance. He shared how even though we slaughter a lamb for our feast, we no longer need to, because Love became the Lamb, restoring what was broken. “We decided to celebrate this year,” he continued, “by telling each other how this great Love has personally changed our lives.” After sharing our stories, the meal was enthusiastically eaten, with games following. Before leaving, everyone received the gift of a flashlight with the following words, spoken by Love Himself, attached: “I am the light of the world. He that follows me will not walk in darkness but have the light of life.” This celebration took place in West Africa, but it is a good example of how followers of Jesus can share their own celebrations and hospitality with Muslim friends. After this event the host was told by one of the guests, ‘You know, we grow up hearing that people like you are horrible, but we have never had the chance to hear a little about what you believe right from your mouth. The time at your house was a really good opportunity for us.

Ask God how you can show hospitality to Muslims. Pray for workers in majority Muslim areas, who are sharing celebrations of Love with their communities.

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