International Update: Part Two

November 21st, 2018 by Global Teams

What Do I Have That God Can Use?

More than a thousand kilometers away, Global Teams Burundi Coordinator, Richard Manirampa, reflected on the vision he received in a Global Teams training. He was challenged to believe that God could provide the resources to reach the least reached from within Burundi. He thought, “What do I have that God can use? I know how to raise pigs; I have a small amount of money; I have a vision to reach the Batwa people; and I have influence as a government official in a region where the Batwa live.” He dedicated these resources to God and committed to try to do something – even if he failed.

Richard and his team of field partners invested in a pair of pigs which quickly reproduced – so quickly in fact, that his initial investment was returned after the second litter of piglets. Emboldened by this early answer to prayer, he used his influence to relocate field partners near the Batwa and show them how to raise pigs. In the months ahead, these field partners built relationships with their Batwa neighbors, honoring their values, listening to their needs and helping them raise pigs. God blessed their efforts – the pigs prospered, and the trust grew.

The Batwa of Burundi make unique pots, which these women carry.

One day while he was sitting in his government office, Richard’s secretary interrupted his meetings to inform him that he had some special visitors. “Who?” He asked. He was stunned, but excited when she replied, “A Batwa delegation.” Over the next three hours he listened to the three men tell the story of their people, their trials, their relocation, their loss of land and livelihood. They finished by saying, “We have watched you and the people you sent to us. We believe that you genuinely care for us, as does the God you speak about. Can you help us get back our land so we can return to our professions as potters?” Elated, Richard promised to do his best – a promise he delivered on.

Psalm 50 says, “The Lord owns the cattle on a thousand hills.” Today Global Teams laborers and their Batwa partners own the pigs on a dozen hills! God honored Richard’s faith, and today the Batwa have small churches in their villages because of the work of God, pigs and a kept promise.

What Do I Have That God Can Use?

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