Safe Water Ministry Celebrates World Water Day 2017

March 22nd, 2017 by Global Teams


Over 80 percent of wastewater generated by society flows back into the ecosystem untreated. For this reason, this year’s theme is focused on treating waste water. Global Teams Safe Water ministry places sustainable treatment systems in local communities where contaminated water is rampant.
The systems not only make the water safe, but also offer a platform to bring our field partners into the community where they have opportunities to share the gospel. One such water project has already connected 87 communities to the gospel!

Changing Lives and Changing Hearts

As our field partners continue to implement sanitation systems and training to treat water, they connect more people to the gospel. These villagers associate us as water givers who have “water medicine.” Not only were we able to bring “water medicine” to this village, but we have also introduced them to Jesus, who changes their hearts. Safe water changing lives and changing hearts!

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