A different Easter this year

March 31st, 2021 by Global Teams

Jesus and Peter on the beachImagine never having heard the story the story of Jesus! That is the experience for 3.24 billion of people around the world, such as this man from Tatarstan that one of our Central Asian field partners met recently:

“When I spoke about the forgiveness of sins, he said that he did not believe that God would forgive him all his sins. Because he said that there are such sins in his life, in his eyes God should not forgive him. Then I told him Jesus' parable about the prodigal son. When I was finishing this parable, he put his head down, holding his head with two hands, and shed a little tear. But he did not want to show us his tears and restrained himself. After hearing this, I told him that as the father in this parable, our God Almighty also can forgive any sins if he confesses to Him. Then we left him a book of the Gospel and suggested that he should read this book to learn more about the forgiveness of sins. Also left to him the movie disc about Jesus.”

Right now, around the world – in neighborhoods in India and the former Soviet Union, in refugee camps in East Africa and in Southeast Asia, and even in pockets of Mexico -- individuals like this man are hearing about who Jesus really is for the first time. What a different Easter this will be for them this year!

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